Sensual, Sexual and Erotic Poetry

From the sensual and seductive to the sexually explicit, this collection of Paul Curtis' erotic poetry draws on his writing over the past two decades. It is not a creme de la creme selection, but rather a representative selection of his erotic poems from this period of Paul's writing which endeavours to display the breath of his talent.

Sensual, sexually charges and erotic love poems

Haven't I been here before?

This collection of erotic poetry originally formed part of a much broader collection of Paul's love poetry, which included platonic, romantic and humorous love poems. Launched in 2002, the size of the original collecton had grown like topsy to over 1,000 poems. The decision to split the erotic from the romantic poems was taken not to spare the blushes of potential readers, but to ensure neither website became too large or unwieldy.

Contemporary erotic poetry

Written examples of erotic verse survive which date back to the Summerians, Romans and Ancient Greeks, but there is almost certainly an oral tradition of erotic poetry which predates these. The genre remains as popular now as it has been over the preceding millennia. It would be reasonable to thinks that erotic poetry has become more explicit, more extreme with the passage of time, but erotic poetry has to be judged against the sexual mores of the time. Paul's contemporary erotic poems are designed to tempt, to titillate and to tantalise, rather than to shock. The judgment of erotic poetry should be based equally on the poetic accomplishments as on the erotic.

Site updates

Having created this new website for Paul's erotic output, the intention is to build the website content by adding new poems every couple of months. Clearly this aim may be constrained by the rate at which Paul writes - while he is a prolific poet, he is not a production line! Furthermore, we maintain five other community poetry sites which are vying for our time and attention, so if occasionally the site looks a little neglected, please don't assume it's been abandoned.

A word of warning

If you visit a website bearing the title Erotic Poetry, you shouldn't be too surprised to discover that it contains poems of a sexual nature. I am of the view that the website is entirely suitable for adults, although some of the subjects or themes may shock or offend those who have particular sensibilities. Teenagers are advised to approach the site with a degree of caution and turn back if they feel either nauseated or overstimulated. I can assert with absolute certainty that the website is unsuitable for children.