Sex Poems

Paul's sex poems use graphic language and sexually explicit imagery to explore the most intimate and physical aspects of love and lust. The initial selection has a bias towards poetic fantasies about fellatio, but sufficient variety to satisfy all tastes. Some readers will consider the poems simply dirty, but rest assured that considerable thought (and research) has gone into this poetic celebration of human sexuality.

Down At The Beach

Sex on the beach is a rather crass name for a cocktail, but an excellent subject for the first of Paul's sex poems. Down at the Beach describes a sexually charged shoreline encounter which rapidly reaches a climax.

What Would You Think Of Me? # 1

The poem asks what would you think of me if you were aware of all the sexual fantasies that I harbour about you and all the different ways I'd like to defile and desecrate your body?

Concupiscence # 1

Wikipedia, a invaluable source of misinformation, informs me that the poem's title is a latin word which translates as a strong sexual desire or lust. That at least accords with the theme of the poem, which recounts the author's lusting after a barmaid.

Speak Dirty To Me

The poem's opening lines, She wears sexy underwear And speaks dirty to me set the scene for an animalistic and sometimes brutal sexual encounter.

Joy Bringer

If there is one recurring theme to Paul's sex poems, it's fellatio, although Joy Bringer tackles the subject with the lightest of touch.

Concupiscence # 2

A second helping of lust and licentiousness in Paul's Concupiscence series.

Kiss of Life

Further forays into fantasies about fellatio.

Are You Wearing Stockings?

An encounter in a seedy club and its sexual aftermath is retold in a poem of epic proportions.

She Came In The Night

A sex poem with a dreamlike quality, in which fantasy and reality are indistinguishable.

Concupiscence # 3

The third poem in Paul's series of Concupiscence poems uses arcane language and metaphors to convey its lustful intent.

Concupiscence # 4

A modern addition to the Concupiscence series which deals rather more directly with sex and the sex trade.

The Red House

Eyes meeting across a crowded room is just the start of what turns out to be a whirlwind…  romance isn't exactly the word to describe it.

Lady Lust

To most men, the eponymous heroine of our sordid tale would be a dream catch. To most women, she'd be nothing more than a slapper.

In The Chair

A poem of voyeurism and unabashed sexual experimentation with a daughter and mother, though successively rather than simultaneously.

There's Something About Mary

A long narrative poem about a naughty sister-in-law and the punishment that it meted our to her.

Goddess Seduction

A further addition to the cannon of lesbian love poems, but this example combines sensitivity and sensuality.

Their First Time

A lyrically beautiful poem about a couples first fumbling experiments in sex.

Kissing Cousins

A poem which describes in vivid detail a sexually charged encounter between two teenage cousins.

Dirty Dancing

A peep behind the curtain into the quasi-erotic world of pole dancing.

Inside The Silk

A sexual eulogy which is poetic and priapic in equal measure.