Sensual Poems

Paul Curtis's sensual poems rely on sensuous language and visual imagery to paint vivid and often titillating pictures of the love, lust and passion that ignites in both long-term relationships and fleeting romantic encounters. More sexy than sexual, the sensual and sensuous love poems provide a gentle and tentative introduction to Paul's erotic poetry.


A gentle introduction to Paul's more intimate and intense love poems.

Beauteous Flower

A titillating poem in which the protagonist observes a woman lying naked and unabashed on a bed.

The Girl In The One-Piece Dress

The first of two poems on a sartorial theme.

Black Silk Dress

A gentleman is tantalised by his encounter with a seductive woman wearing a glamorous black silk dress, and little else.

Spanish Maiden

She has the ability to make pulses race with her shapely body and come to bed eye.

If You Only Knew

The sight of a beautiful young girl who is celebrating her 21st birthday arouses the passion of rather older admirer.

The Game Of Lust

Things are hotting up, although it's still left to the imaginations for fill in the gaps.

Sublime Moment

Just eleven words make up this poem which speaks volumes about sexual congress.

Twenty Something Sweet Young Thing

The daily commute is enlivened by an attractive fellow passenger who holds so many possibilities.

Pictures Of Lily

A slightly deflating poem, in so much as the object of desire is not all she seems..

Dream Lake

A lakeside nocturnal adventure merges fantasy and reality.


A sensuous poem which mixes passion, intensity and a air of fantasy.

Tales Of Topographic Notions

Guaranteed arousal for geography teachers and a great deal for others to enjoy.


A gentle and understated poem about the visual delights afforded by a woman in a flimsy summer dress.

Big Mo

Automotive metaphors abound in Paul's poem about Big Mo, the high performance girl.

Melissa With The Gaping Blouse

A stunningly endowed girl catches the attention of an onlooker who finds himself entranced..

Entwined In The Afterglow

An scene of post-coital contentment which is both sensuous and sensitive.

Anonymous Angel Hidden From View

An commuter follows a plainly dressed and androgynous girl on his walk to work, but a glimpse of her face convinces him he needs to get to know her better.

In My Fantasy

A poem of yearning for someone who will forever remain unattainable.

I Have A Picture

A poem of unvoiced desires and understated sensuality.

Just Enough

A poem about an appreciative audience and a beauty revelling in being observed.

The Lovely Lady Eleanor

A poem about a high-born lady who has a host of endearing and sometimes contradictory characteristics.