Dirty Poems

One person's filth is another's mild smut, so our collection of dirty poetry might not align precisely with your moral compass or literary expectations. Our criteria is that to merit inclusion as a dirty poem, a poem must be overtly sexual in nature and its intent to shock, amuse or offend rather than merely to titillate.

Bad Reception

A jaunty little poem which is both humorous and salacious in it's sizing up of the vacuous young bimbo manning the reception desk in an anonymous office building.

Bitchin’ Babe

Going rather further than undressing her with his eyes, the poem's male protagonistplans all sorts of sexual adventures for his victim.

Red Leather

Rubber, silk, leather. This is a whatever turns you on poem, which will resonate with some readers

Point Of View

An example of a twisted dirty poem which is simultaneously shockingly and uproariously funny. Yes it's sexual in nature and, despite the subject matter, entirely unsuitable for a family occasion.