Erotic Poetry by Paul Curtis

Paul's erotic poems range from the sensual and suggestive to hyper-realistic depictions of fellatio, lesbianism and sexual intercourse. To aid readers' enjoyment, and perhaps spare their blushes, the collection has been subdivided into four categories which broadly equate to sensual and sub-erotic, erotic and super-erotic sex and dirty poems.

Sensual Poems

The poetic equivalent of burlesque, sensual poetry provides just a ripple of the sexual undercurrent running through the poems to titillate and stimulate the reader. Subtle and cerebral, Paul's sensual poems conceal as much as they reveal, encouraging the reader to explore in search of the poems' hidden treasures.

Erotic Poetry

More striptease than burlesque, the erotic poems leave less to the reader's imagination. Erotic poetry offers an often graphic depiction of sexually charged encounters which tantalises, or taunts, the reader, but pulls back from describing sexual acts or encounters in sexually explicit language.

Sex Poems

You'd be disappointed if the sex poems were anything other than an unbridled, unabashed celebration of sex and all things sexual. From lust to lesbianism, fantasy to fellatio, Paul explores every nook and cranny of human sexuality and brings to the page a collection of sex poems which are challenging, but ultimately satisfying.

Dirty Poems

The dirty poems deal with sex as a subject for prurient speculation, humour or hyperbole. Perhaps no dirtier than the erotic poems, there is no pretence that love comes into the equation; instead we're shown women as sexual objects, as playthings to be used and abused. Such poems are not to all tastes…