Erotic Poetry

Erotic poems have an extra element which makes them more than simply love poems, be it a sexual charge, a deeper sensuality or an element of deviancy. In many ways, erotic poetry is aimed at those who like to be teased and tantalised, whereas sex poems are written for those who prefer an a more graphic depiction of love and lust.


A tenderly sensuous verse about kissing with which to open the collection of erotic and exotic poetry.

A Taste of Honey

An erotic poem of rare beauty and sensitivity. The subject of the poem is cunnilingus, but the delicacy of its execution might have left you guessing.


A poem which offers a wonderfully graphic evocation of frantic, animalistic love making.

Mistaken Identity

The anticipation of a dull business meeting is transmogrified into something a great deal more stimulating.

Red Hot

The poem Red Hot smolders with passion in its vivid portrayal of a woman who is both longed for and lusted after by an admirer.

Grecian Yearns

A poem which is simultaneously graphic and euphemistic in its depiction of a wild and unabashed sexual encounter on a Greek beach.

Le Bicyclette de Belsize

A female cyclist becomes a figure of fantasy for the lone male motorist. If pumping thighs and lycra are your thing enjoy!

Can You Ring My Bell

An alternative Karma Sutra which considers ways to pep up one's sex life.

Isle of Love

A languid love poem which holds out the promise of spicier things to come.


The aftermath of some prolonged, passionate, penetrating love making is captured in verse.

Afternoon Delight

A bout of frenzied love making is followed by a period of calm.

Black Mass

A poem about a professionally delivered blow job which may prove just to be the warm up act.

Bronco Filly

Paul's poem may well introduce a new phrase, a 'fucking bronco', into the English language, but perhaps not the Oxford English Dictionary.