You Can Ring My Bell

Do you like making spoons in bed?
Or do you do it on all fours like beasts
Perhaps in the style of the missionaries
Or does she straddle you like a monkey on a stick?
Is she animated when you’re at it?
Thrashing about a lot
Or motionless like a resuscitation doll
Maybe you have her with trembling knees against a wall?
Mounting her roughly from behind
What about the wheelbarrow?
Have you tried that position?
Maybe bondage or spanking is your thing?
Do you play two way family favorites?
Kissing the inside of her milky white thigh
Before drinking from the velvet cup
Does she enjoy performing orally?
Is her behavior quite low, morally
Base and sluttish
Or is she prim and proper
Prudish about being rude-ish

Maybe it’s not what you do but who you do it with
Vampish or tarty, dumb or smarty
Clear complexioned or spotty
Level headed or dotty
Intelligently spectacled
Scantily clad in edibles
What about role playing and dressing up
Does she wear uniforms of cotton or serge?
And do you dress as a centurion
Or a gladiator
Do you play doctors and nurses?
Or vicars and tarts Master and slave
Butler and parlor maid
Teacher and pupil
Acting out fantasies of filth
Do you do it wearing a hat?
In German helmet and jack boots
Cross dressing perhaps
In a pencil skirt or floral dress
Leather goods or latex or pace
What about toys or sexual aids
No let’s not go there
What about swinging do you fancy that?
Arriving in a Porsche and going home in a Passat
Does she need to be of a certain physical type?
To be of the right dimensions?
Or proportions
Tall and pencil thin
Or perhaps pear shaped or round
An hour glass figure
Or a stick thin anorexic
A particular color eyes
Hair, long, short or none at all
Blonde, brunette or red
Body piercing?
A turn on? Or turn off?
Tattoo’s like wise
Do you like your beaver wild or tamed?
Does a Brazilian look too much like you need a swipe card?
And if it looks like Adolph Hitler’s moustache do you care
When her breasts are released are they like airbags deploying
Or are they small and pert just enough for toying
Are you fussy about her appearance?
Or is a pulse all she needs
Perhaps you’re not even that fussy

Is she noisy when you’re on the nest?
Perhaps that’s what you like the best
Once she’s warmed up do you make her bellow?
So you have to turn her over and make her bite the pillow?
What about location does it matter where it’s done
Do you like it to be a public place?
When she’s sitting on your face
Do you like it al fresco in the woods or maybe the park
Or does a dog sniffing your bum put you off your stroke
At someone’s party under a pile of coats
At the cinema or theatre
Out back in a dark alley way
In the car? We’ve all done it there
All around the house in the bathroom and on the stair
Well you can do it in the hall or on the kitchen table
Even on the toilet if she doesn’t care
It doesn’t matter what you do to ring each others bell
Or where you ring it bloody hell
Just as long as all party’s are willing and able
That’s the best thing of all and the most important
And the most exiting when she tells you yes

Every Which Way And…

An erotic encyclopaedia in poetic form, in which the protagonists explores the people, places and sexual paraphernalia which excite him.


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