Bronco Filly

You would have said
She was attractive
Glamorous even, certainly alluring
Which aroused my physical desire
And in my lustful state
I could have creamed my jeans
Just looking at her
But I didn’t need to
There was a libidinous look in her eyes
And they were looking at me
So we began with a simple kiss
Which became more fervent
Her ardency led to torrid embrace
And her caress touched
Every erogenous point of sensitivity
Until she was sexually receptive
Like a beast in Oestrus
And she mounted me
Riding me like a bronco
Until I was tamed

A Libidinous Look in Her Eyes

From first glance to making the beast with the two backs in two easy leaps.


Erotic Poetry


Erotic Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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