Serendipity In All Its Splendour

She walked towards me
And my eyes were drawn
To her unfettered breasts,
Which danced erotically
Inside her white blouse.
She saw me staring
But my gaze was transfixed
As she passed me
She glanced in my direction
A glance conveying utter disgust
Then she threw her head back
Rather theatrically
And headed for the street door
I turned to watch her leave
Enjoying her buttocks
Doing a very dirty rumba
She stopped at the door
Then gave me another look
Again heavily laced with disgust
Just at that moment
The sun suddenly appeared
From behind a cloud
Which illuminated the girl
Dramatically from behind
This serendipitous event
Rendered her blouse transparent
And her perky breasts
Were revealed in all their splendour
Unaware of her circumstance
She made a questioning head movement
Which seemed to ask
“Have you seen enough?”
I nodded and said aloud
“I have now thank you”


A gentleman caught paying rather too much attention to an alluring female gets more than he bargained for.


Erotic Poetry


Erotic Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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