If You Only Knew

Twenty one today, the birthday girl
Blushing beauty beneath soft curls
You are the most beautiful creature
With such a delightful nature
You smile and it lights up your face
And I look at your breasts to my disgrace
You would not smile at me so sweetly
If you knew I wanted you completely
Oh beautiful creature demurely dressed
How I yearn for you to divest
If you could read my lustful mind
Such filthy thoughts there you would find
Is your nature as innocent as it seems
Or are you as dirty as in my dreams
If you knew of the one I dreamed last night
Of how you succumbed without a fight
I kissed and caressed the breast I cupped
And of your sweet nectar I greedily supped
Then like beasts we met in congress
But it was only a dream I must confess
Oh pretty thing with sumptuous figure
Let me consume you in my vigour
Oh pretty young lady, half my age
Release my passion from its cage

Young and Alluring

A poem about an middle aged man's passion for a 21 year old girl. Is it a thing of beauty or salacious smutt? I'll let you decide.


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Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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