Melisa With The Gaping Blouse

Melisa with the gaping blouse
With fabric formed tight
Around her unfettered breasts
Her aroused nipples
Standing proud
Like sentinels
She walked slowly toward me
Breasts bouncing
Sensuously with every step
Rising and falling
Attracting every eye

Melisa with the gaping blouse
Was closer to me now
The crisp white cotton
Of her blouse disappeared
Into the waistband of her skirt
A tight grey skirt
As she walked closer
I could hear the rustle of her clothes
Her blouse
Her skirt
Her stockings
I hoped they were stockings

Melisa with the gaping blouse
Flicked her eyes
In my direction
Holding my gaze
For only a moment
In a knowing glance
As good as a promise
Then walked past me
I turned to see her
Walking slowly away
Her stilettos clicking
Her hips swinging
To and fro
And her Buttocks
Forming and reforming
With every step

Melisa with the gaping blouse
Beat out a sexual rhythm
A sensual rhythm
A primeval rhythm
Making my pulse race
And my loins ache
And I followed her
Matching her rhythm
My temples throbbed
As blood rushed elsewhere
In a perfect rhythm
Engorging me
As she reached her door
She turned to me smiling
And proffered her hand
Gratefully I took it
Then she led me to paradise

Steamy Encounter

What begins as a common enough scenario of a big breasted woman being oggled by a male admirer promises to develop into something altogether spicier.


Erotic Poetry


Sensual Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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