The Lovely Lady Eleanor

The lovely lady Eleanor
A pretty young woman
A sweet dusky maiden
With luscious skin the shade
Of molten chocolate

With an Exotic scent
That makes your head spin
And your pulse race
And leaves you dizzy with delight

Her sweet Angelic face,
Is heavenly framed,
With rich soft curls,
Shiny like a raven’s wing
And black as jet

Her soulful eyes
Brown like burnt sugar
Are warm and inviting
With a hypnotic quality

Her exquisite nose is small
And button like
The perfect punctuation
For her Demerara lips,
Which are softly moist
And have a constant smile
Playing around them
And when she unleashes
A full-bodied beam
Her whole face lights up
Bright enough to dazzle a star
Making her dark eyes
Seductively beguile

Elegant lady Eleanor
Gracile like a cat
Playful as a kitten
Unintentionally coy
Unambiguously sweet

Delicately limbed
Lithe and lissom
With dainty hands and feet,
Small like a child’s

She holds her head high
With assurance and confidence
On her swan like neck
Which sits symmetrically on
Sculptured shoulders
Atop a sleek slender frame
With a tiny waist
And narrow hips 
Small round buttocks
Almost like a boys
And her braless breasts
Small and pert
Sit in perfect parity,
Nipples sensually erect

Unimaginably she is
Unaware of her allure
Oblivious to her beauty
Sceptical of any appeal
Incredibly she doesn’t see
The woman she has become
The woman she has been
She has come of age
And is at ease with herself
She is in no hurry
To squander her innocence
Her virginity will not be lost casually

Perhaps the most wondrous thing
Is that she will not recognise herself
From my descriptions
She will think it is a stranger
Which all adds to the wonderful whole
That is the lovely lady Eleanor

Sweet And Demure

I'm always a little wary of poems about dusky maidens, but Lady Eleanor live up to her billing.


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Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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