When I Walked Into The Room I Saw Her

When I walked into the room
I saw her, wearing her favourite
Fleecy dressing gown
Curled up in the big arm chair
Her little feet tucked beneath her
And she was hugging a cushion
Almost as big as she
Her tiny frame
Was almost lost
In the over stuffed chair
And instantly an unabated
Wave of love washed over me
And I immediately wanted her

She was such a scrawny little thing
Barely a hundred pounds
Soaking wet
And I had seen her that way
Many times
But I loved her totally
With every fibre of my being
We had been married
For ten years now
And still she excited me
Making love to her was electric
It was like being plugged into the national grid
From the first time to the last
She was just the sexiest girl I’d ever seen

I stood over her
And stared down at her
For the longest time
She was sleeping so soundly
I didn’t really want to wake her
I should have let her sleep
But she would not have thanked me
In fact she would have been miffed
So I knelt beside her
And roused her gently
And as she stirred from her slumber
Her eyes opened and then widened
When she saw me
And she smiled me that come to bed smile
“I waited up for you
Because I’m feeling fruity”
So my sexy girl was roused and aroused
So I took her in my arms
And carried her to bed

Late Night

A domestic scene of the wife slumbering in an armchair awaiting her husband's return develops into something more amorous as the pair head bedwards.


Erotic Poetry


Sensual Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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