More Erotic Love Poetry

A further selection of exotic and erotic love poems by English poet Paul Curtis. The poems are titillating, tantalising, sensual and sexually charged, but seldom graphic in their depiction of sex.

Down Beneath Her Down

From fellatio to cunnilingus and a beautifully rendered poem about this most intimate of acts.

Lust Conquers All

A poem about lust more than love, which is written from a peculiarly male viewpoint.

Dance For Me That Dance

Dancing is described as the vertical expression of a horizontal intention, but in Dance For Me That Dance all the bumping and grinding is all horizontal.

Serendipity In All Its Splendour

A man encountering with a shapely girl is treated with disdain, but circumstance affords a glimpse of what might have been.

Lucky Guy

Body language speaks volumes when it comes to the mating game.

Personal Service

A poem about an act of fellatio which is perhaps more graphic than erotic.

White Lady

A poems which is perhaps more sensual than erotic, except for the authors focus on the youthfulness of the girl he lusts after.

Sappho’s First Kiss

A beautifully rendered depiction of a woman enjoying her first lesbian sexual experience.

Sappho’s Intimate Kiss

A second, rather more graphic account of lesbian love making.

After The Funeral

A rather blunt depiction of casual sex in the most incongruous of settings.