Red Hot

The first thing I noticed
Was the sun on her red hair
Turning it to blazing fire
As it tumbled
Onto the white flesh of her shoulders
The pastel shades
Of her meagre top
Struggled to contain the vibrancy of her breasts
And her naked midriff tantalized
The waistband of her skirt sat on her hips
While the white cotton below
Encased her rolling buttocks and strong thighs
A gust of summer breeze
Lifted her skirt allowing glimpses of her white thighs
Then as she walked
The sunlight behind her illuminated her form
More than hinting at the delights
Contained within the cotton of her skirt
My thoughts then turned
From her flaming red hair
To a burning desire

Lusted Over from Afar

A poem with a voyeuristic quality, as the writer sizes up a voluptuous woman that he has in his cross hairs.


Erotic Poetry


Erotic Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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