Grecian Yearns

It was on a beach on a Grecian island
We met on a warm and balmy night
First we walked together hand in hand
Then soon indulged in carnal delight
I was quickly inside her clothes
She tore at my shorts with eager hands
I pull her knickers off over her feet
Then we were both naked in the sands
I squeezed and sucked at her breasts
As I rummage through her thicket
She chewed and tongued at my ear
As her fingers played along my wicket
I peeked between her private curtains
Drawing them then began to sup
Her body writhed and moaned
As I drank deeply from her velvet cup
She positioned her head beside my root
As I brought her to a rhythmic climax
She played on my organ like a flute
And I took my turn at oral ecstasy
Having concluded our oral conversation
Panting and sweating in the darkness
We began in earnest our fornication
We writhed and moaned and grunted
While I gave her a good rut and tup
And we drank and smoked in the afterglow
Before I thrust again into her furry cup

Greek Drama

A sensual account of a couple's love making on a Greek beach which combines lust and tenderness.


Erotic Poetry


Erotic Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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