In The Afterglow

She lay serenely in the afterglow
The sweat of passion spent
Vaporized and no more
Her hair tousled, frames a peaceful face
The red glow of the cheeks still visible
Her eyes resting, her mouth open slightly
Her full lips still moist, her pale skin smooth
No hint remains of what passed
The contortions of orgasm
Which were etched into her innocent face
Linger no more but shall again soon
She lies beneath a silken sheet
Stretched more tightly across her breasts
Showing them in sharp relief
The cool air from the open window
Arouses her nipples
Which stand proud through the silk
She murmurs in her sleep and squirms in unison
As her arousal continues elsewhere
If her lover does not return
Her satisfaction will be in her own hand

Two Minus One Equals…

The poem describes a post-coital scene which is ripe both with possibilities and ambiguities.


Erotic Poetry


Erotic Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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