Afternoon Delight

I stood in the bathroom doorway
And watched her stir
The afternoon sunlight
Painted patterns on her naked contours
As it shone through the billowing curtains
Her hair, still damp from our passionate exertions
Clung to her face and neck
And beads of sweat sparkled on her skin
She lay on her side
Knees drawn up to her belly
Showing off the wonderful sweep
From narrow waist to curvaceous hip
And the perfect roundness of sumptuous buttocks
Then she rolled on to her back as she stirred again
And the magnificence of her was there before me
With patterns of light and dark dancing over her form
Her nipples aroused as the soft breeze wafted over her
Her eyes opened and she smiled when she saw me
She sat up and brushed the hair from her face
Then moved onto her knees and stretched
Leaning back until her hands touched the bed behind her
Supporting herself on clenched fists
And throwing her head right back
Until her black hair tumbled down her back
My eyes slowly scanned the beauty of her
From the cascading black hair
Down the cords and sinews of her neck
To the fine structure of her shoulders
Dwelling on her firm breasts and proud nipples
Before continuing to the soft down on her flat belly
And her round hips and buttocks
Before reaching the thick black triangle
And her long taut thighs either side
I left the doorway and picked my way
Through the discarded clothing on the floor
To reach the bed where she now sat
Sitting on her haunches she looked at me
A radiant smile illuminating her face
With eyes that said “again”

Waiting and Watching

A long, complex poem which depicts a post-coital scene in which a female relaxes and regains her composure for another bout of love making, as her partner watches from the doorway.


Erotic Poetry


Erotic Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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