More Sensual Love Poems

A second collection of Paul's sensuous and sensual love poems. In essence, the poems tease and titillate, leaving it to the imagination of the reader to conjure up appropriate visual imagery to accompany the sexual themes alluded to in the poems. If you're lack the facility to draw mental pictures, you may find the rather more graphic approach taken by the erotic poems more to your taste.

Dish Of The Day – Jennifer

The first of three poems in praise of idolised women which collectively form a three course repast.

Dish Of The Day – Virginia

Getting into our stride with our fantasy feast, the second course is the delectable dish that is Virginia

Dish Of The Day – Emily

The series concludes with Emily, an exotic and shapely confection.

When I Walked Into The Room I Saw Her

A couple married for a decade find that the flame of their relationship still burns bright.

Let Me Dine On Immoral-Flesh

A veritable shopping list of carnal desires and delights rendered in poetic form.

So Quiet

For all the exterior appearance of calm, there's real passion bubbling away beneath the surface.


A libertine is a lothario without any moral scruples, so the poem is as censorious as it is sensuous.

Silk Stockings

An emotionally charged poem in praise of the sensual qualities of silk stockings.