Twenty Something Sweet Young Thing

Twenty something
Sweet young thing
You smile at me each day
“Hello” or “Hi” you might say
The carriage rattles along
Rushing us towards the throng
The train wheels sing a song
And I picture you in a thong
You look up from you book
And give me a quizzical look
Can you read my thoughts?
I’d better think about sports
No, no that doesn’t help at all
Now you’re playing beach volleyball
Twenty something
Sweet young thing
Looking at me quizzically
This is the affect you have on me
Better not read my mind?
You don’t know what you’ll find
In my head I often caress
The soft curves of your tender flesh
As I divest you of your attire
And satisfy my every carnal desire
A smile replaces your quizzical look
Before your eyes return to your book
I must not have these thoughts again
When we are together on the train
Twenty something
Sweet young thing

A Pretty Plaything

A gently humorous poem in which a commuter toys mentally with the attractive young woman he encounters on his daily train journey.


Erotic Poetry


Sensual Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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