Pictures Of Lily

Her hair was dirty blonde, shoulder length
Curly like loose ringlets cascading down
Her face was Mediterranean, dark, dusky
Eyes black as the night sky in winter, brows
Thick and dark, nose pert, mouth full and pouty
Her skin smooth as polished wood, her figure
Like a Rodin carving of perfection
Dress this in silk and lace, you have passion
Her soft breasts hidden within delicate lace
Hips, buttocks, femininity similarly
Her legs sheathed in stocking of black silk
Stiletto heels shaping them perfectly
A vision as this is not as it seems
It’s the airbrushed woman of my dreams

A Perfect Vision of Beauty

A vision of beauty is in reality a case of augmented reality, but does that detract from the fantasy created by the viewer.


Erotic Poetry


Sensual Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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