Dream Lake

The dark lake at midnight reflected back
Her own image, she knew this to be her
But why was she at the lake at midnight
Why did she not know how she got there?
And why was she naked one the lake shore
A cool breeze blew off the quiet water
It played gently with her auburn curls
Caressing her velvet skin, arousing her
She felt her nipples erect then shivered
But not from the cold, she felt a passion
Welling up within her, a heat she had
Not felt before and may never feel again
Was everything as it appeared to seem
Or was it in fact just a vivid dream

A Solitary Sensual Encounter

Everything a sensual poem should be, Dream Lake paints a vivid picture of a scene which is tantalisingly and tangentially sexual in nature.


Erotic Poetry


Sensual Poems

Copyright © Paul Curtis. All Rights Reserved

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